Yoga Mudra For Weight Loss

mudra for weight loss

Yoga mudra for weight loss. Yoga mudra is the best practice to reduce weight. Every person in the world wants to look slim and fit, for this he makes every effort. Due to working in the office throughout the day and not doing physical exertion, people start gaining weight. People sweat for many months after going to the gym for hours to reduce their weight, but in today's busy life, not everyone gets time to do gym for hours. Yoga poses can be a good and asana medium for those people who cannot go to the gym to lose weight. You can also do yoga mudra to reduce weight and obesity in less time than gym.

Here we are going to tell about five such postures which are beneficial in reducing obesity and you can do them anywhere, at the bus stop, in the cinema or when you are sitting in your seat in the office.

How yoga mudra works for weight loss

mudra for weight loss

It has been scientifically proven that hand poses have various health benefits apart from weight loss. They say that in mudra formation, when the hands and fingers are put together in a predetermined manner, prana force or energy is generated which helps in curing various ailments along with aiding in weight loss. . The logic behind yoga postures is that the five elements are associated with our five fingers, so practicing yoga mudras or hand gestures regularly can yield many health benefits. When we move the finger according to the mudra in a predetermined way, it activates that specific organ which is responsible for various health problems like sugar, high blood pressure , mental illnesses , weight related issues, heart problems. etc. ends.

Which finger corresponds to which element

Let us know which finger is associated with which element-

  • Thumb – Agni (Fire)
  • Index finger – Vayu (wind)
  • median - sky
  • ring finger - earth
  • little finger - water

Let us know about the yoga posture related to these five fingers to reduce weight.

Yoga Mudra for Weight Loss

Below are some yoga postures to work the weight, by which you can easily reduce your increased weight, let's know about those yoga postures.

Surya mudra for weight loss

mudra for weight loss

Surya Mudra is considered to be a very beneficial yoga posture to reduce weight, to do Surya Mudra, first of all, you sit in Padmasana position by laying a mat on the ground, keep the breath normal and look in front, after that both your Place the hands on both your knees with your palm facing upwards, now bend your ring finger towards the thumb and join your thumb with this finger, keeping in mind that the ring finger is attached to the thumb slightly below, and All the other fingers should be completely straight. Do this mudra regularly in the morning for 10 minutes, you will feel a decrease in your weight. This mudra is very beneficial in the time of cold, due to this yoga heat is generated in our body.

Gyan mudra for weight loss

mudra for weight loss

Gyan mudra is the most common and easy mudra to lose weight, this mudra is used to calm the mind and meditate , it is beneficial to do this mudra before doing any asana in yoga. Considered to be the best for concentrating, it is clear from the name of this mudra that it develops our mind and increases our knowledge and memory .

To do Gyan Mudra , sit on a mat on the ground and sit in the posture of Padmasana , place both your hands on both the knees, then join the index finger ie the tip of the finger near the thumb with the tip of your thumb. Keep the other fingers close and straight. Close your eyes and meditate. The best time to meditate in Gyan Mudra is at sunrise in the morning, the duration of meditation in this mudra is 48 minutes. Stay in this posture till then.

Prithvi mudra for weight loss

mudra for weight loss

Earth offers currency wake earth element by weight to reduce the fire element in the body, so it fire extinguishers currency also says that by strengthening your body reduce fatigue does it pose all kinds in your body Maintains the balance of Khanijans, this mudra is a good posture to reduce weight .

To do this mudra, first of all sit in a clean place in Sukhasana, you can also sit in Padmasana for this posture, like its Surya mudra, keep both the hands on the knees, then you can use the tip of your ring finger. match the tip of your thumb, and keep all the fingers of your hand straight. You can do this mudra anytime and at any time, but it is more beneficial to do Prithvi Mudra in the morning, you should do it daily for 24 minutes.

Prana Mudra for weight loss

mudra for weight loss

Prana mudra is a very important mudra. Prana mudra is very beneficial for reducing weight, “Pran” means life or energy, Prana mudra accelerates the root chakra of our body, which increases the level of fire element and energy in our body, It improves the health of the eyes, along with it helps in reducing fatigue and insomnia . This mudra helps a lot to increase self confidence.

To do this mudra, first sit in Sukhasana, keep your spine straight, place your hands on the knees, then the smallest finger (junior) of your hand and the tip of the ring finger near it with the tip of the thumb. Join, and keep the other two fingers of the hand completely straight, keep your breathing normal and concentrate.

Lose weight with Vayu Mudra

mudra for weight loss

This mudra helps in controlling the elements of air inside your body. It is very helpful in relieving pain and painful joints. It is extremely helpful for people suffering from arthritis and cervical spondylitis. It can also help relieve pain for patients with polio and Parkinson's . This mudra is beneficial in reducing all types of pain in the body. To do Vayu Mudra, you sit on a clean place in Sukhasana, place both your hands on the knees, after that place the finger near the thumb ie the index finger in the area under the thumb, after that make pressure on the index finger with the thumb, Keep the other three fingers straight. To get maximum benefit of this mudra, do it for at least 48 minutes.

All the above mentioned yoga postures are very beneficial in reducing your weight.

You can easily do these mudras at home to reduce weight.